Who we are…

faithhouseottawa.jpgFaith House Ottawa was founded in 2010 by Elyse, Jesse, Kaitlyn, Sean, a group of rad young adults who worked together with the Tony Blair Faith Foundation on social justice and community building projects.  They got together and decided: instead of just working together, why not live together and take this interfaithing* thing to a whole new level?

Faith House is a multi-faith** community of young adults committed to justice and social action from an interfaith perspective.  We are thankful to have a number of awesome supporters, such as the community at All Saints Anglican Church in Sandy Hill.

Join us for meals, discussions, movie nights, service projects, non-violent direct actions and other events that live out community in diversity.

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Faith House at Ottawa Pride 2014

Faith House and Ottawa Network for Spiritual Progressives at Ottawa Pride 2014

*It is a goal of some of us to make “interfaith/interfaithing” a legit verb in the English language.  Pretty sure it’ll happen.  (Aussi, nous essayons de bilinguiser notre maison.  Some of us are better at this than others.)

**To us, multi or inter-faith includes all faiths, spiritualities, philosophies, traditions.  (Right now we have 2 Muslims, 2 United Church peeps, 1 Buddhist/Mennonite, 1 Athiest, and 1 Agnostic/it’s complicated.)

Where to find us:

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