Nature’s Interaction with Spirituality- ONSP Discussion- Sept. 18th, 2014

By Kelsey Gracequist

If I only have a specific, short amount of time on Earth, why do I have to give to other generations?

Questions such as this one and more were thoroughly discussed in our last ONSP dialogue, here at Faith House. The topic of the night was Nature and how/if it interacts with spirituality and philosophical views.

To start off the discussion, we posed the question: do you find that in your spirituality that you are separate or conjoined with the environment around you? Whatever the answer may be for every individual, it radically change the way any one person would experience the world. In the Muslim perspective, life is paramount: anything that concerns the continuity of life is to be preserved. Therefore, our home must be protected at all costs so that it can continue to protect us.

The theory that God is found in literally all objects was also considered. If the world is testament to God, then experiencing the world is also to learn from God. If God is the creator and reality holds gods word and teachings, then that comes before all scripture. You cannot separate any object from the majesty of god. God is literally found in all reality.

However, on a separate basis, many believe that the Earth is the caretaker of humans and the humans are not the caretakers of Earth. This philosophy was acceptable until quite recently it was discovered just how problematic it was. If humans were to continue taking from the Earth and not caring back, the Earth will be soon deteriorate.

A good step into healthier living and giving back to the Earth is to source your food to local and ethical farms in the area. Although it may be easier to buy mass produced products at your local grocery store, other economies are hurting around the world. You may not be paying the cost of cheap groceries, but someone else is.

Raising awareness is another good step toward a healthier Earth. Events such as this one reflects how severe the problem really is and hopefully will reach into communities that would not usually be touched by such a conflict.

For that, Faith House thanks everyone who attended as well as those who read this blog post. We hope to see you at our next ONSP discussion. Stay posted!

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