As some of our members embark on new journeys, we are opening our community to new members!

Faith House has been around for four years now in the heart of Sandy Hill. We are fortunate to have a community that extends far beyond the people who live in this house. While we all come from different backgrounds and experiences, we share values of compassion, radical hospitality, strive for social justice, and share in the excitement of learning from and working with each other serving Ottawa’s communities.

We are currently seeking young adults who are interested in interfaith social action and intentional community living to be part of this interfaith house. We believe that establishing a justice-oriented interfaith community will enable us to deepen our understanding of own faiths and other faiths. Founded on the ideals of anti-oppression, we seek to challenge youth to build their conceptions of the importance of religious difference. We are looking for people who are excited about shaping and growing with the Faith House community.

The House aims to be:
• composed of 6 community members from backgrounds of diverse faiths / spiritualties / philosophical traditions
• committed to living together for a year (however, a sublet from July-August is possible)
• focused on building community through activities such as: faith-sharing nights, communal cooking, social action initiatives, sharing and developing a faith based anti-oppression framework that can be shared with the broader community

Members of this community will:
• be willing to actively engage with their respective communities and the Faith House community
• play an active role in shaping what this community is
• have a passion for working for justice
• have a familiarity/willingness to work within anti-oppression framework
• have time to devote to community
• be excited about living and working in an interfaith environment
• have a commitment to live in the community for a year.
If you want to move in, want more information, or just want to say hi, please contact us at 613-656-9322 or

Rent is $400 per month, in addition to $100 per month for communal groceries, as well as $80-100 utilities per month


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