What is your conception of the creator(s)/?- ONSP Discussion Summary and Personal Reflection

posted by Sophie

We started this discussion off by talking about the analogy of the leaf. The veins of a leaf make up a series of patterns that are infinite and that become ever increasingly complex. Similarly we can think about the creator as something that, as we increase our understanding and connection with it and dig deeper into the meaning of our faith, leads to an increasing number of questions, arising from the increased complexity that we perceive. The creator for some, is understood to be creating on a scale that is so vast that human beings cannot even begin to comprehend it. For others, it is important to differentiate between the creator as a noun and the creator as a verb because the first implies something that is stagnant and rigid whereas verbs such as loving or creating imply something that grows, changes and develops over time. Also, to think of God as a verb such as love is a lot more accessible for many people because many people have difficulty relating to some sort of abstract being in the sky that we worship and pray to.

After people gave their initial thoughts about how they interpreted the creator(s), we then went on to discuss how peoples’ perception of the creator(s) changes as their values and personalities change. A point was brought up that those with oppressive and rigid value systems let these value system inform their understanding of the creator(s). This applies no matter what the religious of spiritual identity the person claims. The society in which one lives informs these value systems as well so if an individual was never taught about universal human rights and that all humans have an inherent dignity that must always be respected, they will not be able to apply these ideas to their conception of their creator(s).

Personally I do not see the creator(s) as a divine entity that watches over humanity from the sky. I do however believe that all humans have the power to express and receive divine love which is in line with some of the comments that others have said about the creator/the divine being present in all of us. During the discussion, others have said that they experience the divine by feeling a sense of vulnerability and wonder towards something or someone that goes beyond the realm of typical human experiences. For me, experiencing the divine can happen when I am faced with something so incredibly beautiful or so vast and infinite that I can barely comprehend it. For example when I listen to beautiful music or when I look up into the night sky, I feel this sense of wonder and vulnerability. Additionally, one can feel wonder and vulnerability through shared love with another individual or through a love for all of humanity. Although experiencing love is such a common human experience, the way we are able to experience it can feel absolutely beyond the scope of the typical human emotions we feel because often we cannot even make sense of why we love with the strength that we do. I believe this conception of love is what best describes my understanding of the creator(s).


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