A Community Garden around the corner!

A community garden project on its initial start-up phase is underway in Sandy Hill! Basic idea – a communal garden without plots where people get together to work on the entire area twice a week, and share and take home produce when there is.

There is property at the back of All Saints Sandy Hill Anglican Church that they have graciously offered to us to garden in. Intersection of Laurier and Blackburn Avenue.

We would like to grow this into a community co-operative.

We would like to grow this into a community co-operative.

The project will go ahead depending on grants, and soil testing results.

Is anyone interested in helping by doing one or more of the following things:

1) Join the Garden committee! – Contact me at caree1987@gmail.com saying that you would like to join this committee and we can pool our resources. Best for those living in or close to Sandy Hill.
2) Spread the word! – Forward this note to your friends and neighbours, especially the ones living in Sandy Hill.
4) Send a Letter of support! – Send a letter of support and garden with us this summer. We need letters of support from residents and/or people who work, live or school in the area.

Thank You!


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