Discussion #1 — The Ethic of Conflict

January 17th was our second ONSP meeting and first real discussion.  We had around 20 people squished in a circle in our living room.  It took a while to get rolling, but once we got started, the conversation flowed freely.  Some of the themes that were echoed throughout the night were:

  • the good and the bad, and the complexity of conflict
  • the importance of love–of others and of yourself, which makes it possible to reconcile and forgive, but also to respectfully put up boundaries and walk away from relationships when you need to
  • seeing the humanity in the person/people you are in conflict with
  • the importance of communication, useful communication styles
  • the necessity of responsibility/accountability before reconciliation
  • the holistic nature of peace and confict
  • finding ways to have inner peace (sometimes found in forgiveness, sometimes found in walking away, etc.)

Shahla shared a beautiful story of the Prophet Muhammad illustrating forgiveness, which can be found here. Audrey shared information on a French workshop on Marshall Rosenberg’s non-violent communication method.  Sasha shared an article on an amazing restorative justice case involving the parents of a murder victim and her accused boyfriend.  If any other resources come to mind, please pass them on!

Next discussion: Feb. 21st on Hospitality. 


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