ONSP “Is there life after death and does it matter”

On June 18 we held our monthly Ottawa Network of Spiritual Progressives (ONSP) dialogue night, with the topic “Is there life after death and does it matter”. The discussion inspired friend of the Faith House, Brittany Ogden to write this poem:


The blanket that covers
Does it cause us to suffer
Or bring with it peace
Or into a new life release

Are we one of a whole
Or separate from our soul
Is there a spiritual justice
Or overwhelming, calming bliss

So many different experiences
To be all condensed with the same fate
Like cattle hearded into fence
Or do differences give differing escape

Do we get evaluated by our deeds
Or become a new lifes seed
Is there a place where our spirits go
Or back into the earths, the universe we flow

Does our souls stick around
While our bodys go into the ground
What should happen to our remains
Should they be given for earthly gains

Does it have to be this either or
Or is it a complex balancing act
Between all our questions and more
And completely removed from our ideal facts